Summer Recap 

It was a long, busy summer for me and the guys...and our families! We worked hard and we played hard, and still managed to find some time to kill chasing the sun. a media tour to promote the album release, the release party, a tour in Hawaii, a tour of the central coast, a couple wedding performances, my 10-year class reunion, and of course our regular busy schedule of central valley shows. Settle in while I break it all down for ya!

In May we did a bunch of interviews, and TV and radio appearances to… Read more

Hanford Sentinel Feature 

Here is the full feature written in the Hanford Sentinel about the Bryan Vickers Band, the Draw The Line album release party, and the tour. Enjoy!

The Central Valley’s music scene continues to impress and  The Bryan Vickers Band is one of those performers whose star is on the rise. I talked with Bryan Vickers before his band's debut album is released.

Question: When did the Bryan Vickers Band get its start? How did you meet?

Answer: I started playing and singing at clubs in Monterey in 2005. I was… Read more

Things that are true right now... 

1. I have an almost 8 month old son named Shepherd Lincoln Vickers who is climbing up on the couch and pressing buttons on my laptop as I type this.

2. BVB have been working on our album the past few months, and it is expected to be released in early 2014 (Maybe on my 28th birthday?).

3. New material is already being written for the next album.

4. We are planning to tour this summer in support of the album, starting in Hawaii at the beginning of June, then playing a series of California dates through June and… Read more


Ever look around one day and realize you are right in the thick of it all? Life is happening. Your schedule is full, your plans are many, your future is coming into focus. Yet the possibilities remain endless. Pieces are falling into place and it is time to make a mad dash at catching and fitting them where you want them. Because whether you like it or not, they will fall and if you don't participate they will determine their own place. 

Lately this crossroads has been causing me a fair amount of… Read more

Bryan Vickers BAND 

     Let's see... I purchased an awesome electronic drum kit along with some quality software drums, and some great studio monitors, so I've been recording some of my new material in the studio. I was hoping to have my album finished and release it at ApCal July 13, but now that is seeming less realistic since I'm doing everything myself. But I'll keep working on it as I can, and I'll have it done this year for sure!
     I auditioned for the show The Voice which was an interesting… Read more

BRYAN, and WEDDINGS, and FAIRS... Oh my! 

Wellllll... Here's a new demo for you guys! PLEASE email me back with some criticism and insight from your perspective! How can my songs be BETTER?! You the fans are the ones who know good music!

This song, titled "If I Could" was written some time ago, and an unfinished rough cut of it can be found on my first demo, which many of you have. HOWEVER, this new recording now features the full song with a freshly penned chorus! I'm happy with it, but of course it is still a demo, and will hopefully soon… Read more

BVB Newsletter 4/24/11 Big show, and new songs! 

 Hey BVB fans! (we are few, but proud! haha)

I want every person possible to try and attend my show this Friday April 29 at the Tower Theatre in Fresno!
I've been rehearsing a drummer and a bassist to perform all my original songs (including several brand new ones!) for what is sure to be a ROCKING set!
There are going to be several other talented performers, and this show will have something for everyone!

For full details, check out the event here on the J-Live website and see for… Read more


Guess I'm not very good at blogging.  I don't have anything exciting to talk about.  Life is busy, but good!  I joined the worship team at our church, playing for the first time this Sunday.  Also, I set up a account so I can stream live video, meaning now everybody can watch my shows over the internet.  Pretty cool!  Check out the Shows page for dates and to tune in to the next show!  

I bought a new acoustic guitar, a Martin GPCPA3.  It sounds pretty awesome, but the electronics are not… Read more


I thought composing new music was difficult. Now here I am attempting to compose a web site. Not easy! Why can't I just play my songs and have thousands of people paying $50 each to see me? Then somebody else would be paid to worry about this other stuff! Sigh... someday?


New Album

Draw The Line

by Bryan Vickers Band

  1. 1 $1.00 Into The Light 03:04
  2. 2 $1.00 Headstone 03:37
  3. 3 $1.00 Draw The Line 03:42
  4. 4 $1.00 Movin On 03:24
  5. 5 $1.00 Don't Say You Love Me 03:07
  6. 6 $1.00 Saddle Up 04:03
  7. 7 $1.00 Walking Over Stones 03:39
  8. 8 $1.00 Lauriana 05:42
  9. 9 $1.00 Make It Up To You 03:13
  10. 10 $1.00 If I Could 03:32
  11. 11 $1.00 Chosen 03:15
  12. 12 $1.00 Chase The Sun 08:36

About The Band

A bluesy alt-rock guitarist, a funky R n' B bassist, and a progressive drum major walk into a bar... 

The Bryan Vickers Band is making familiar sounds with a unique and modern edge! Three young men from California blending elements of rock, funk, blues, and soul with a modern feel. Quetzal Uriel Andrade's exciting drum acrobatics and his elder brother Quetzal Emanuel Andrade's bass and keyboard tour de force provide the perfect backdrop for Bryan's versatile guitar playing and bluesy rock vocals. Playing an eclectic set of original songs and a choice selection of stylistically similar covers, the trio creates a very fresh and full sound!

Read the full bio here...

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